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6 Points That Will Make Your Signature Strong | How not to sign?

You can sign in many ways. That's why it's healthy to start with "what is not acceptable". here you go

1. Please do not scribble and cross out. Don't go over the lines again.

Complex, overlapping, blackened, retouched, scribbled pieces of writing in your signature reflect an unreliable personality.

Corrections are due to insecurity or overconfidence when writing one's name, and this is often a sign of an obsessive personality.

However, corrections can be found due to the lack of writing or signing habits. 2. Do not change the letter inclination in the text and do not fall down the line.

The change of slope in the text is an indication of the balance problem. You can write vertically, and you can write italicized to the right or left at different angles, but the slope should remain the same. 3. Don't let your signature get smaller and smaller. Even if it gets smaller, it will be a highlight at the end.

It can express depression, pessimism, lack of self-confidence, or great mental or psychological fatigue. Indicates hopelessness or lack of energy to achieve the desired goal. This person is locked into their ideas and what is relevant to them. Yes, that's what the shrinking signature reflects. So we want a highlight at the end; let it go up, make a breakthrough and go up. (The safest method)

4. It should not be completely illegible. Let something be clear; can create a positive feeling, and communicate. Not vague, but have a certain consistency.

It expresses the desire to escape from reality, to remain insurmountable, and not want to see itself as it is. Has a fear of self-protection. But completely illegible signatures are also interpreted as "mental agility" for people who sign multiple times a day.

5. Your signature should not be too small or too large than your handwriting.

If there is a box below for you to sign and if this box is small, you can make a small signature, but if there is no specified size, your signature and handwriting should be similar or the same.

6. Let the feedback you make in your signature have an aspect that can illuminate the future.

The straight and motionless return made in the last letter of the signature may be a sign of being stuck in the past and not being able to think about the future by being unable to get out of the past. That's why I can keep the highlighted line the same as the writing direction, or I can write the highlighted line separately from the first and last name. In short, your feedback should move forward after a point so that the past can shed light on the future, that is, the past makes the future livable.

And that's it. Only six, yes. There is so much you can do! If you wish, there is also an audio and video version of what I have explained below.

See you soon, with love and regards.


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