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Why Should You Change Your Signature?

You know best why you should change your signature. The reason is a pain or a need. Pain is the discomfort felt for any reason from the currently used signature, and need is the search for a solution created by this inconvenience. Now let's focus on these reasons step by step:

  • If you are having a hard time signing, you can't keep it in mind and you always sign different signatures, you should change your signature and switch to a signature that you can use all the time. Because the signature is a piece of writing that has legal validity and should always be the same in its basic lines.

  • If you think your signature is just a scribble and you feel uncomfortable after signing, you should change your signature. This discomfort you feel is because you feel as if you have "smeared" yourself. Because the signature is there to express your own approval with your name and surname, and this piece of writing is a way of expressing yourself.

  • If you think your signature is childish and does not reflect you, you should change your signature. This thought is mostly due to your age and occupation. This piece of writing, which did not attract your attention in the first years of your profession, may not be enough for you as you progress in your field. The fact that the appearance of your signature bothers you is due to your signature, which does not change with the changing you and always remains a child.


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