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How to Sign in 5 Steps?

This area is for you to work independently of Signature Consultancy and make your designs. A lesson from the series of signature design tutorials on Youtube. We continue with the second part of the lesson. In these two lessons, we studied 10 names and connected them practically with basic design principles.

In this lesson, we made designs for five names; you can adapt these examples, techniques and methods to your own name. Which sample was made in which minute, what we did in which minute, makes a fixed comment. You can go to that moment by clicking the minute in the comment directly, but I think it will be much more useful if you watch the whole lesson without skipping because what we call design is an endless field.

What name and technique in what minute?

Signature design with only two letters 00:22

"Huzaifa Ansari" 00:33

Signature examples for the letter H 00:33

Signature size and hierarchy in signature 00:36

"Amir Sohel" 01:50

Signature examples for letter A 01:50, 03:41

How to make a signature that is difficult to fake? 02:05

The simpler the better 02:31

What is Cloud Signature Technique 02:50

"Andres Bermudaz Robledo" 3:41

My name is too long. I have two names. How do I sign? 03:45

Signature examples for the letter R 03:41

How to end the signature? 05:14

Contrast in Signature 05:10

"Syam Prakash" 05:45

Signature examples for the letter S 05:45

Signature examples for the letter P 05:45

How should people with long names sign? 03:41

06:57 for professional support

'Huzaifa Ansari' with Cloud Signature Technique 07:16

Signature examples for letter H 07:16

The Signature Ladder Method 07:50

How do I design my signature? 07:50

"Muqeem" 8:38 am

Signature examples for the letter M 08:38

How should the signature end? 09:03

Does Signature Reflect Personality? 09:20

Underline Signature, Scribble, Strikethrough. 09:52

Thanks to JukeDeck for the music.


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